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Quality defects and methods for mechanical properties of enameled wire

Datetime: 2017-08-17    Visit: 511

Enameled wire windings are widely used in motors, appliances, transformers and various instruments. In the process of manufacturing and using various electrical products, there are a number of special requirements for enameled wire, such as scratch resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance, etc., The various characteristics of enameled wire are intertwined, if one of the characters is poor, it will affect the whole electrical work. Some of the characters too high will also affect other characters. In order to produce high quality enameled wire, Zoto have experience to solve some of the quality problems after long-term production practice.

Mechanical properties

The mechanical properties of the enameled wire are divided into two parts, the conductor and the film. In the process of winding the coil, especially the embedded process, as well as with enameled wire coil as a component of electrical products, there are mechanical stress on the enameled wire in the course of operation. Enameled wire elongation and paint damage will occured then. Soit will have requirements for the enameled wires on elongation, rebound angle, softness, tensile strength, coating flexibility, adhesion and scratch resistance and other performance. 

We believe that there will be two aspects impact tensile strength, elongation and softness ofenameled wire.

(1) Conductor Quality.

For copper, bismuth, the elements of sulfur, iron, aluminum and oxygen in it will lead to copper embrittlement. These impurity elements are distributed among the grain boundaries of the grains, hindering the sliding trend of the internal lattice when elongation, so that the lattice is not easy tobecome deformed and damaged, and being pulled off in case of the elongation is not enough. In addition, in the process of rolling, copper rods sometimes bring into the defects like "inclusions", "curling", "scratch" "cracks" and others, will also cause the low elongation. The impurities will also affect the resistivity of enameled wires

(2) The impact of external force

In the enameled wire coating process, if the number of painted routine, the number of loop too much, and also the diameter of the guide wheel is not big enough. The wire continue to be stretched and compressed alternating deformation, excessive tension will make the wire drawing. At this time due to displacement caused by sliding the lattice atoms or ionshas formed a residual internal stress, so the wire brittleness increased, while the elongation and softness decreased.


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