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Type of enameled wire and its applications

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Polyvinyl Format (PVF) OR Polyvinyl Acetal (PVA) Enameled wire

Features: Good heat shock and oil resistance, outstanding mechanical strong insulation, excellent hydrolysis.

Application: General purpose motors, Oil immersed transformer.

Polyurethane enameled wire (UEW)

Feature: Solderable without remove insulation, excellent high frequency characteristics. Free to coloring

Application: Communication apparatus, small motors, electric devices.

Polyester enameled wire (PEW)

Features: Good Electrical Characteristics and solvent resistance

Application: General purpose motors, motors for home appliances.

Polyester-amide enameled wire(EIW)

Features : Excellent heat and shock resistance

Application: High Speed motors and generators, dry type transformers.

Polyester-imide overcoated with polyamide-imide enameled wire (EI-AIW/ AI-EIW)

Features: Good solvent resistance and insulation.

Application: HVT coil for micro-wave and motors for automobile.

Self-bonding Polyester-imide overcoated with Polyamide-imide enameled wire (SB El-AIW/ SB AI-EIW)

Features: Self-bondable, excellent heat resistance.

Application: Electric devices in automobiles, HVT coil for micro-wave and motors for automobile.

Polyamide-imide enameled wire (AIW)

Features: Excellent abrasion resistance and thermal stability.

Application: Apparatus for high operating temperature, motors for power tools.