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How to test enameled wires

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How to test enameled wire

Regular Enameled Wires Test Items

1. Appearance

2. Dimensions

3. Electrical resistance

4. Brine pinhole

5. Adherence and flexibility 

6. Special Enameled Wires Test Items

7. Heat shock

8. Continuity of covering

9. Unidirectional scrape

10. Elongation

11. Resilience

  Enameled Wires Test Items——Appearance

  1.The labels on spools meet the shipping requirements

  2.Spool without breakage, edge without scratching and burrs

  3.Enameled wire with uniform color and smooth surface

Enameled Wires Test Items——Dimensions

The measurement of the dimensions shall be measured with an instrument with an accuracy of 1/1000 mm. Take 100cm from each spool as sample to measure the diameter of the sample as a test point.

Ø Insulation thickness

Ø Calculation method : OD - Conductor Size = Film Thickness

Ø Ø Conductor Size

Enameled Wires Test Items——Electrical resistance

Take 1 ± 0.05m length

Under Ambient temperature 20 C℃

Enameled Wires Test Items——Brine pinhole

 0.2% salt water
n    Appropriate amount of 3% phenolphthalein alcohol solution
connect solution with 12VDC anode, copper with cathode
Count the number of purple bubbles 1 minute later
5 hole / 6m

2Cu + H2O = 2CuO + 2H2↑

Enameled Wires Test Items——Elongation

Enameled wire should have a certain degree of extension to ensure that the quality of winding

Different wire sizes have different elongation requirements

Elongation calculation: δ = (L1 - L0) / L0

Enameled Wires Test Items——Resilience

Enameled wire should have a certain flexibility

Different diameter hanging different weight, in different diameter reel winding 5.5 laps

Remove the weight, copper rebound, leaning on the lotus sensor

Instrument rotation, when the coil release stress, the copper wire again after the lotus, the instrument stops rotating, showing the rebound angle reading

Enameled Wires Test Items——Unidirectional scrape

Make the enameled film coating adhesion quantized


 Select the corresponding weight according to the diameter

 Enter the weight of the weight

 Start the instrument, direct reading

Enameled Wires Test Items——Heat shock

High temperature conditions: 220 ℃

Force conditions: 0.25 ~ 70N adjustable

Time: 30mins