Enameled Round Copper Wire

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Enameled Round Copper Wire

Diameter Range (mm): 0.11-5.0
Diameter Range:AWG 4-AWG 37 SWG 5-SWG 40
Thermal Class: 130C, 155C, 180C, 200C, 220C
Standard: IEC, NEMA, GB, JIS
UL No:E338133
Package:PT4, PT10, PT25, PT30, PT60
Package:Wooden spool and according to customers requirements.


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Production Process

Step 1:Extruding&Drawing

Incoming quality control for each material under strict standards.

Step 2:Stretch the thread

Precise in size control to 0.001mm.

Step 3:Wash with pure water

Ultrasonic cleaning ensures no impurities when wires enamelling.

Step 4:Paint

Die method productions make wires excellent in surface enamelling control.

Step 5:Toasted

Using ELANTAS insulation ensures wires excellent in adhesion.

Step 6:Spooling

24hours routing inspection:

the goods on production will be checked per 45mins through 24hours.


Oil-filled transformers

General purpose motors

Potable generators

Communication apparatus

Electric devices

Magnet coils

High speed motors & generators

Solenoid coil

Motors used in refrigerator/ automobile

UPS power source

Package:PT25, PT30, PT60, Wooden spool and according to customers requirements.

Test of Main technical



MW26-C/ MW35-C

Test Item


Test Result


Uniform color smooth surface

Uniform color smooth surface




Mandrel winding test

Elongation 32%

No film-cracking

Heat shock

200C /220C / 240C 30min

No film-cracking

Cut through temperature

2min 300C/ 320C/ 360C/ 400C

No Breakdown

Breakdown voltage

≥2500/ 5000V

Solvent Resistance



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