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Introduction of aluminum foil for transformers

Datetime: 2017-12-01    Visit: 2382

Transformer aluminum foil material

   Materials Grade: 1060-O, 1050, 1050A, 1070, 1070A, 1350

   Usage: Dry-type transformers

   Thickness: 0.2mm - 3.0mm, width: 20mm-1650mm.

   Description: smooth surface, no scratches. (Edge can be chamfered (R angle, fillet, round edge), no burr, Resistivity is less than or equal to 0.028.

Transformer aluminum foil or strip generally use Grade 1060 aluminum strip. Its aluminum content are more or less than 99.6%, also known as pure aluminum which is a commonly used series in the aluminum coil family. The advantages of this aluminum coils is the most commonly used series, its production process is relatively simple and the technology is relatively mature, and the price compared to other high-grade aluminum alloy has a huge advantage. This coils have good elongation and tensile strength, and can fully be able to meet the conventional processing requirements (stamping, stretching) high formability. Its the industrial pure aluminum with high plasticity, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, but low strength, heat treatment can not be strengthened machinability is not good; gas welding, hydrogen atom welding and contact welding, brazing is not easy; Pressure processing and extension, bending.

Application of transformer aluminum foil can make dry-type transformers with small size, light weight, good insulation properties, flame retardant, non-polluting, partial discharge, humidity resistance, stable and reliable operation, low noise, low maintenance costs in underground facilities, commercial centers, residential areas, hotels and restaurants and humid coastal areas such as a wide range of applications. Transformer foil to recyclable, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, easy processing, molding and other characteristics have become a new generation of transformer winding materials, a new type of green building materials.