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Soldering method of Enameled wire

Datetime: 2017-10-20    Visit: 1736

The mainly Enameled wire welding method contains enameled wire and circuit board gold plating plate welding, enameled wire and silver, tin, nickel and other materials welding, and enameled wire and copper alloy welding.

The original welding methods are mainly dip solder soldering, hand iron soldering. Dip soldering is easy to get short out and other defects. Manual iron solder welding is low efficiency and other shortcomings. Besides, some way also need to go to the patent leather, seriously affect the welding efficiency, and there are high cost of tin material. And some can not meet the environmental requirements of European and American customers and process requirements. Solder welding contains the risks of high resistivity and easy to fall off.

Nowadays some factory will use spot welding machine and capacitor energy storage spot welding. As the precision enameled wire welding are very high on the energy requirements, slightly larger or slightly smaller energy will cause bad welding. Especially with the use of automatic spot welding machine, the on requirements on energy and speed are even higher.

This requires a more accurate spot welding machine with current control accuracy and time control.