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Introduction of Kapton Copper Magnet Wire

Datetime: 2017-10-18    Visit: 2330

Kapton Copper Magnet Wire is a kind of winding wire which wrapped around the (copper or aluminum) conductors with the composite film that is made of synthetic resin film coated with adhesive material, and then after sintered, so that between the film and the film, the film and the conductor formed to be an integrated one. The main types of Insulation materials including polyester film, polyimide film, DuPont film and waterproof or corona-resistant polyimide film, etc., The conductor shapes are mainly flat and round wires, according to corporate standards or Customer requirements for production.


Kapton Magnet Wire has smooth and uniform surface, without pinholes, also has higher mechanical strength and electrical properties, it can withstand large impact load capacity, even can be normally used under high temperature, radiation, with refrigerant medium conditions or start frequently, high voltage and overload current environment. The wire is commonly used in generators, large and medium-sized high-voltage motors, traction motors, oil field motors, electromagnetic mixers and other electrical windings.


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