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What should we do under strict environmental protection background

Datetime: 2017-08-28    Visit: 1304

This year, under strict environmental protection background, more and more factories are closed or cut production, many small plants went bankruptcy overnight. It directly affecting the GDP, the tax income, and the employment, maybe also bring social instability.

Why Chinese government still going to do this?

Reason One: To get rid of dirty and messy business.

It is necessary to get rid of those irregular companies or gradually transformed all the enterprises into formal ones, but also to eliminate some of the excess and backward production capacity. So as to enhance the profits of enterprises, they will have more funds into R&D, upgrade themselves to pay more benefits to employees. Only by this way to make the whole domestic economy into a virtuous circle. It also makes our business more competitive in the entire international market.


Reason Two: to improve the employment environment of enterprises.

In order to change improper employment environment of enterprises, only by reducing the number of informal enterprises, changing the phenomenon of loss of talent. Although this may reduced job posititions, also may bring some local social unrest, but there is no other ways. Because only by doing this enterprises can train more talents, the economy can be better and have a more healthy development.

How to improve enterprisesenvironmental protection work?

First, strengthen environmental protection advocacy and training education, improve staff awareness of environmental protection.

Second, establish a sound responsibility system of environmental protection

Third, to improve environmental protection management

Fourth, to establish emergency rescue mechanism

Fifth, appropriate inputs to ensure that environmental protection work achieved results

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