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How Many meters of Enameled Wire's is There in One Roll

Datetime: 2017-09-08    Visit: 4701

Few days ago, we received an inquiry which asks that how many meters of copper wire is there in one roll.

Theoretically, it can be caculated by using formula: W(g)=π*d(mm)2 /4*Pg/cm3*100

W represents 1 meters wires weitht; D represents wires diameter; P represents density of conductor. 

First of all, we need to confirm several data--the size of roll, wires diameters, the conductors material(to confirm the density). The coppers density is 8.9g/cm3; the aluminums density is 2.7g/cm3.


Take 0.404mm copper wire as an example. Shanghai ZOTO usaually use PT25 roll for this diameter. Normally, the wires weith should be 20-30 Kg in one roll. Therefore by caculating one meter wires weitht, then we can caculate the length if the wire weights 20-30 Kg. You should pay particular attention to the unit conversions.


ThereforeW(g)=3.14*0.0404(cm)2 /4*8.9(g/cm3)*100=1.14g;

Length A in one roll(meter)=20000(g)/1.14(g)=17543.86(m)

Length B in one roll(meter)=30000(g)/1.14(g)=26315.79(m)


Although our company- Shanghai Zhongtuo Magnet Wire Co., Ltd. mainly produce enameled wire, but we still can idealize to caculate by using these formula (ignoring the coating layer).