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ZOTO WIRES Acetal Enameled Wire

Datetime: 2016-12-26    Visit: 1148

Acetal enameled wire is one of the earliest varieties in the world, including two types polyvinyl formal winding wire and polyvinyl acetal insulated wire. Though Acetal enameled wires are withlow thermal class 105 ° C (A class), 120 ° C (E class), because of their excellent high temperatureand good hydrolysis performance which are widely used in oil-immersed transformers. This feature has been the world's notarized. China still has a small amount of production of this enameled wire. Acetal enameled flat wires are used to make transposed wires for large Transformer.

Acetal enameled wire process characteristics 

Acetal enameled wires use the mold method production by the vertical wire machineBecause the mold method has high requirements on its volume that asks for MOQ 5,000 KG for different dimensions.

Characteristics and Application of Enamel Enameled Wire

Put polyester enameled wire and acetal enameled wire in the water of the transformer oilfor simulated aging test. Consider 106 ~ 1100 aging and take 7 days as a cycle, the test results confirmed that polyester enameled wire’electrical performance decreased significantly in 12 cycles. While the acetal enameled wire still maintained a good performance.

Acetal enameled wire is the first high-strength enameled wire, with high mechanical strength,can meet the general high-speed automatic winding device’s demands on the enameled wire strength. In addition, Acetal enameled wire has soft insulationand also has good adhesion to copper wire. So Acetal enameled wire can meet the requirements of micro-motor end plastic surgery. But its greatest feature is excellent in oil resistance and thermal shock resistance.


Generally, high-strength enameled wires have good oil resistance, but in the oil-immersed transformers and oil-filled motor, due to long-term immersed in high temperature sealed oil, different enameled wires’ oil resistance is obviously different. Acetal enameled wire can fully maintain the original performance in the test.

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