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Arrangement of Winding Output Transformer

Datetime: 2017-06-16    Visit: 1068

It is in different ways that the winding of Output Transformers can be arranged to achieve sufficient bandwidth and excellent balance. Good balance needs to avoid mode transfer. As common mode signals which is picked up from the output line are transformed to differential mode signals. High bandwidth should avoid ringing which caused by capacitive loads. It can be achieved by sectioning transformers. The more the sectioning of transformers, the less the leakage inductance.

Use Faraday shield

To reduce the capacitive coupling, we can use Faraday shields by put it between the primary and the secondary windings. It is more complicated to manufacture transformers with the Faraday shield. However transformer with Faraday shield can be used in any type of out drive type.

Primary winding’s cold side facing secondary winding

As for the winding of primary and secondary, we can let the cold side, which is the grounded side, of the primary winding faces the secondary winding. Because the voltage swing in the cold side of primary winding is only a fraction of the total swing, therefore it will reduce many capacitive coupling.

Increase bandwidth by five-section structure

Leakage inductance can be minimized almost to the extent of a bifilar wounded transformer, when transfomer is in a five-section structure. We should let the electrical potential of each layer of the secondary winding follow the potential of the near primary winding, so that the capacitive coupling cooperates with the electrical signal.

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