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Mature Application Pattern of Transformer Used Aluminum Foil Instead of Copper

Datetime: 2017-07-24    Visit: 1218

How much domestic enterprise use aluminum foil instead of copper in distribution transformer production? Currently, the industry does not have an authoritative statistics. However, in the actual production practices, the use of aluminum instead of copper foils in transformer winding production, it not only can protect the normal performance of the transformer, but also fundamentally save the cost, reducing the overall price of the transformer. Siemens, ABB and other enterprises using aluminum foils producaluminumconductor transformers, and most of the distribution transformers which export to China are also aluminum conductor transformers. It shows that the application pattern oftransformer used aluminum foil instead of copper has matured.

Why it is so popular to use aluminum foil not copper on the use of transformers? The main reason is that aluminum foils used transformers saved much more costs compared to copper, and also with strong economy. There was an enterprise have a detailed account: "a universal 1000 kVA transformer full supply products, the cost will be RMB85,000 by using aluminum for winding. If using copper, the cost will be RMB105,000 which 20% higher on costIt completely improve the sales price of the transformers by using aluminum foils in winding and to ensure business profit target of the transformers enterprises.

Will it cause any security risks by using aluminum foils instead of copper? Actually, the distribution transformer can not simply determine whether safety or not as per conductormaterials. Because all the production of products are all in strict accordance with national standards, and quality is decided on production control management. Under the specified conditions of use, the application safety of the aluminum foils instead of the copper is the same, because in the liquid insulated and solid insulated distribution transformers, the aluminum conductor does not oxidize and its chemical properties do not change, sosecurity of it is the same as copperThe state also introduced the "GB / TYST 713-2009 transformer aluminum foil standard" which provides aluminum standard in the transformer production. As long as the product can guarantee the quality and performance, whether it is copper or aluminum, the application of the transformer is the same. Shanghai Zhongtuoproduce transformer used aluminum foil with high precision processing, to achieve advanced level which no burr and the resistivity is less than 0.028. In the applications ofdistribution transformer and dry-type transformer winding production, we not only save the cost to ensure that the transformer performance, But also save copper resources.

We believe that the aluminum foils with small density, the edge of high-precision and no burr, they can totally replace the copper foil in the transformer winding. It is a very safe transformer materials. If you are interested in our aluminum foil, please feel free to consult.