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ZOTO’s Quality Control on Electrical Aluminum Rod

Datetime: 2017-12-22    Visit: 1855

Electrical aluminum rod production is inseparable from its complete and mature technology. Its processing conditions seriously restrict the quality of round aluminum rod products. Thereby it will affect the quality of magnet wires products.


The process is the electrolytic aluminum liquid → solidification cold material → refining → sampling → insulation standing → filtration → casting → cooling the slab → into the rolling → rolling → winding → bundling → test → storage

The production process control

   1, strictly control the chemical composition of the furnace molten aluminum. If the Fe, Si content in Molten Aluminum increases, the resistivity increases, and the tensile strength increases, but the elongation decreased. If the Fe, Si content decreased, tensile strength decreased, elongation increased. So the factory shall strictly control its content,

2. Strict control of casting temperature, casting speed, cooling conditions in casting process.

3. In the rolling mill rolling speed, rolling temperature, process lubrication is to ensure that the quality of aluminum rod three elements, according to the slab rolling conditions, timely and reasonable adjustment of rolling parameters to ensure the quality of aluminum rod