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Influence of Conductor Material and Enameled Paint on the Quality of Enameled Wires

Datetime: 2017-11-07    Visit: 1746

Conductor material

It is well-known that the production of magnet wire requires the use of high-quality copper, which is more important for enameled wire production. However, the commonly used oxygen-free copper rod and the electro-mechanical toughening copper rod have different drawing and annealing characteristics due to different manufacturing technologies. High flexibility of the electromagnetic wire products recommended for the use of electrical tough pitch rod as conductor material. Although the importance of conductor quality has been recognized by more and more enterprises, but the rational use of drawing equipment, lubricant continuous monitoring, mold matching, maintenance and other aspects are far less than the follow-up process as much emphasis on. Foreign studies have shown that the surface quality of the enameled wire and paint film continuity defects caused by 10% of the reason from the copper Drawing process, which is sufficient to demonstrate the importance of applied research on conductor materials.


Enameled paint

Enameled paint varieties with many brands. Although it causes the trouble to choose, also increased lots of choices for manufacturers. So to master the quality characteristics of paint and process rules for the line to ensure product quality and production efficiency is particularly important. Even the same types but the origin of different brands of paint also need to use under different process conditions in order to get the best quality performance. And the performance level of the line there may be significant differences, such as THEIC: modified polyester paint, acetal paint , Self-adhesive paint has this feature.