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Introduction of Enameled Wire

Datetime: 2017-08-02    Visit: 1537

Enameled Wire is usually used in Transformers, Electric Motors and Speakers. This type of wire is coated with a flux coating so that there is no need to strip the wire free of coating before soldering it.

The conductor of enameled wire can be cooper or aluminum. And the shape of wire typically is round, however rectangular wire used in motor winding can make the more of the limited space, because it can be winded more tightly.

The thickness of the wire is directly related to the thickness of the enamel. The type and thickness of enamel is usually designated by Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3. And grade 3 is the highest level of insulation.

It is coat the wire instead of paint that polyurethane, polyester resins and polyamide are used to. This coating often has a sticky feel when touched. The coating can be resistant to heat and high voltage.Enameled wire can be widely used in the inside of transformers because its high temperature rating.

The classification of enameled wire is based on thermal class, and the expected lifetime of the wire at a given tempreture. It is based on a 20,000 hour lifetime at a given temperature that the typical temperature rating are, and the lifetime would be increase by operating at a lower heat.

Most of the enameled wire is red, green or browm. The color of the wire is only related to the type of the coating. The color of enamelel is no related to the heat resistant, application.