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Introduction of Enameled Aluminum Wire on the Market

Datetime: 2017-02-07    Visit: 1312

With the large increase in copper prices in recent years, as well as its unstable current status, many customerhave been greatly challenged by the cost of materials. So that the development of enameled aluminum wire be accelerated and gained more attention.

Enameled aluminum wire has been widely used in Europe, United States and Asia like Korea. In the 1990s, Europe and the United States use of aluminum enameled wire widely, and before the seventies of last century when China was difficult in recovering the copper resource, they use aluminum enameled wire in cable, power transformers, motors and other fields. From this point of view, the use of aluminum enameled wire should be no problem, but with the rich copper resources, and small different between copper and aluminum prices.  People start using copper enameled wire and get great development in the short term . However, with the fluctuations in copper prices and the pressure of costs, aluminum surfaced and got rapid development.

On the issue of using aluminum instead of copper, some customers will have problem in the concept that technology is the reverse by using aluminum not copper. In fact, it is not correct, enameled aluminum wire has been in use in Europe and America, and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and other international standards bodies have also developed a corresponding enameled aluminum wire technology standards(IEC60317-0-3, IEC60317-25, NEMA-1000, etc.), also shows that the use of enameled aluminum wire is technically mature. So some customers do not have to worry too much in usingenameled aluminum wire. However, we must also correctly understand the use of enameled aluminum wire, which different with copper enameled wire, especially its welding problems, really troubled many customers. It also restricts the development and use of enameled aluminum wire, but through unremitting efforts, the problem get the corresponding solution by different customers . Some customers use crimping riveting, some use of flux welding, and some use of argon arc welding. Different approach takenaccording to the different products. In short, we will develop a good solution to weld.

With the further deepen understanding of enameled aluminum wire, better use of technology, the trend ofusing aluminum instead of copper enameled wire is irreversible, and will further expand. So long as the design is reasonable and proper use, the use of aluminum will be more extensive.

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