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The Quality and Usage of Compressor's Lubricant

Datetime: 2018-01-24    Visit: 6624

We here disscused two parts on the Compressor Oil.


Quality problems of Compressor Oil

Quality problems of compressor oil often occur in many plants nowadays, which to some extent has already effected the compressor manufacturers reputation and market efficiency, such as Germanys BOGE and other manufacturers.

So how to solve this problem? We think the key is the type of lubricant used for compressor. Currently, Compressor Oil can be invided into several types according to

its composition of the basic oil, including Crude petroleum based mineral oils, hydrocracked mineral oils, hydrocarbon synthetic oils, synthetic dibasic esters, polyalkylene glycols, silicone oils etc.

Crude oil-based mineral oil is processed directly from crude oil by adding oil modifier, whose quality is barely satisfactory. When Crude oil-based mineral oi used for compressors, Crude oil-based mineral oil is not only the oil change period is short, the compressed medium is high in oil content, but also easy to produce carbon, resulting in the compressor overtemperature, short service life, frequent maintenance and so on. But the type of oil is inexpensive.

Hydrocracked mineral oil, also known as semi-synthetic oil is the third category of base oil, is processed heavy oil hydrocracking coupled with modifiers made. The quality of such oils is better than crude oil-based mineral oil, but there is also the phenomenon of carbon deposition.

Hydrocarbon oil is also a third type of base oil, its quality is better than hydrocracking in the formation of coke. Compared with hydrocracking, it has worse lubricity but better volatility.

The performance of Synthetic dibasic ester, polydiol, silicone oil is very good, but the price is high. However, from a comprehensive benefit point of view, it turns out they are more cost-effective than mineral oil. Their oil change cycle up to 8000 hours, or even longer.

Usage of Compressor Oil

In terms of the using performences of special oil for compress, some famous brands are relatively good, such as INGERSOLL-RANDCOMPARESULLAIR etc. For Compressor imported overseas, its original machine oil basically use synthetic oil, but then usually use the third base oil (hydrocracking). The compressors used in domestic belongs to the second type of base oil, so the oil is generally changed during 1500-3000 hours, and the compressor is to be overhauled within 2-4 years.

According to the supply situation of the compressor oil in the market,the compressor oil supplied by the international oil suppliers mainly focuses on the third type of mineral oil (mainly hydrocracked oil),whose prices are relatively competitive, easy to be accepted by domestic enterprises.

Foreign companies in domestic usually use synthetic oil. See from trend of development, Synthetic oil as the special oil of compressor has become inevitable.